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Current Affairs

WhatsApp privacy policy on hold

Date: 12 July 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


WhatsApp has told the court that users will not be compulsorily asked to agree to the new privacy policy.



The users not signing up for the new law will not be discriminated in any manner until the new data protection bill will become law.



  • The communication from the company is significant as earlier it had made it clear that either the users have to accept the new policies or risk getting de-platformed.

  • Individuals who have not yet agreed to the policy will get notification and reminders but they can ignore it without fearing of backlash.

  • Users’ interaction with WhatsApp business account will not be shared with Facebook. Permitted users’ data of interaction will be shared.


Data harvesting

  • WhatsApp has reiterated many times that the private data of users will not be shared with anyone but only business data will be used for advertisement.

  • The Indian government had asked WhatsApp to take back its orders on the grounds of information security and data privacy of users.

  • It had also asked the company to list the ways in which data will be used and also the data that will be collected. The consents obtained from users from other countries were also asked.