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Scientists develop Ultrasensitive Quantum Thermometer

Date: 29 April 2019 Tags: Nanotechnology

Researchers from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delh have developed ultrasensitive quantum thermometer which can measure very minute micro Kelvin changes in temperature and has quick response time.

Ultrasensitive quantum thermometer

It has been developed using graphene quantum dots (GQDs) consisting of graphene oxide and mixed with ceramic (aluminium oxide) to produce.

Features: This thermometer has high sensitivity in measuring different temperatures and can measure very minute (micro Kelvin) changes in temperature. It has extreme quick response time of just about 300 milliseconds (msecs) to register change in temperature from 27 degree C to –196 degree C.

Applications: The device can be used in cryogenic temperature sensing. It will be useful in pharmaceutical industry, healthcare to measure incubation temperature of biological cells and molecules and automobile industry to measure ignition temperature within internal combustion engine (ICE).

Graphene Quantum Dots (GQDs)

They are semiconductor nanoparticles or nanocrystals, usually in range of 2-10 nanometers (10-50 atoms) in size. They are sometimes referred as ‘artificial atoms’. They are miniscule fragments, limited in size, or domains, of single-layer to tens of layers of graphene. They less toxic have photoluminescence, chemical stability. They are widely used for biological, opto-electronics, energy and environmental applications.