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Tourists expected to pay to go to space

Date: 09 August 2021 Tags: Space


Tourists planning to go on an upcoming space mission of Virgin Galactic will have to shell out thousands of dollars.



Space tourism sector has been receiving boost after many space companies tested their modules for safe travel.



  • An individual space tourist will have to pay $4,50,000 for a seat on Virgin Galactic. This is however less than the amount paid by the bidder aboard New Shephard of Blue Origin.

  • The winning bid for a seat on New Shephard was $28 million. More than 7.900 people from across the globe had bid for the seat.

  • Other companies currently giving space tourism services are Armadillo Aerospace, SpaceX, Blue Origin, XCOR Aerospace and Virgin Galactic.


Space tourism

  • Space tourism is an opportunity for lay people to go to space and experience space conditions business, recreational or leisure purposes.

  • The main aim would be to make space travel easy for non-professionals who want to visit the area without any scientific purposes.



  • The spacecraft will be having more space for travelers than any other ones. It will be controlled by a pilot and a maximum of 8 people can be accommodated.

  • Registrations for ticket will take place after paying $1,000. Early bidders for tickets will have to pay $250,000 per ticket.


Customers waiting

  • Many potential customers have already paid for the travel including singer Justin Beiber and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

  • Customers will be taken to their spaceport facility where they will be trained for three days and later taken aboard.

  • They can experience weightlessness and also get the best possible view of earth and blank space before entering back into earth.