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Total lunar eclipse and supermoon

Date: 26 May 2021 Tags: Space


The largest full moon of 2021 will be observed on Earth on May 26th. The Moon will be the closest during this time and is termed “supermoon”.



This is the first time in last six years that a supermoon and full moon event has taken place on the same day. This is also the only lunar eclipse of 2021.



  • The supermoon event takes place only under two conditions: it should be a full Moon day and Earth’s orbit should be nearest to the Moon.

  • During the revolution process with Moon, the Earth comes in two distinct positions based on the distance.

  • When Earth and Moon at the shortest distance it is called perigee. When they at the farthest point, it is termed apogee.

  • When the Moon is at perigee position, it appears to be the biggest and also the brightest among all of the cycle.

  • This is not the first supermoon that is taking place this year. It is however, the biggest one considering Moon will be closer to Earth by a margin of 0.04 percent.

  • During the supermoon event, the Moon will not only be brightest and biggest, but will also appear to be reddish in colour.

  • This is because Earth will block the light falling on the moon. The filtering of light will soften edge of Earth’s shadow and give the distinct colour.



Lunar eclipse

The Lunar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon in which the Earth, Sun and Moon are arranged in a straight line and Earth’s shadow falls on Moon, covering its surface.