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Side effects of Covid-19 vaccine

Date: 15 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


People taking Covid-19 vaccine will experience temporary side-effects such as fever, headache and fatigue among others.



Vaccines usually elicit immune response in people. But, sometimes they also generate side-effects.



  • The first stage of immune response will be taking place as soon as body detects a foreign substance. This involves moving white blood cells to the spot.

  • The movement of white blood cells cause inflammatory response, which can cause fatigue, chills and soreness.

  • The response generated by the body is usually weaker in older people. This causes lower reactions in older population than younger ones.

  • Vaccine response can sometimes cause selling in lymph node present under the arms. This can be mistaken for cancer by women.

  • Other major side-effects include blood clots, which were observed in a small population of people who were given AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

  • There are also issues of serious allergic reactions to vaccines. To prevent this, individuals are made to wait 15min post their jab.