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Current Affairs

Russia’s terminator tanks

Date: 26 May 2022 Tags: Military


Terminator tank support system has been deployed by Russia in the ongoing war with Ukraine.



  • Boyevaya Mashina Podderzhki Tankov (BMPT) AKA Terminator tanks, is a tank support fighting vehicle developed by Russia.

  • The main goal of developing Terminator tanks was to provide dedicated protection to main battle tanks 

  • The tank support vehicles protect the Russian tanks against enemy infantry. They can act as replacement for mechanised infantry troops in urban battlefield.


Reasons for induction

Russian tanks have suffered destruction at the hands of anti-tank weapons provided by the west to Ukraine. They will protect Russian armour.


Deployed areas

  • The deployment of BMP-T Terminator Company has been made in Severodonetsk axis of the Donbas offensive.

  • They have also been deployed in Severodonetsk area which is one of the tactical priorities of Russia. It will be part of Central Grouping of Forces (CGF) of invading military.


Weapons employed by Terminator

  • Ataka-T GWS launchers, autocannons, AG-17D or AGS-30 grenade launchers, PKTM machine gun are the weapons that can be used by the tanks.

  • These weapons can fire multiple rounds in all directions, thus protecting the tank columns of the army.

  • The tanks can target infantry personnel carrying anti-tank weapons and also lightly and heavily armoured targets like tanks.


Other features

  • The tanks were introduced as a response to guerilla warfare tactics used by the Chechen fighters in Grozny during the First Chechen War in 1995.

  • Russia lost many tanks during this urban fighting, prompting the government to develop this weapon system.

  • The terminator tanks are produced by Russian company Uralvagonzavod. The initial version BMP-T and the new version BMPT-72 are developed on chassis of the T-72 tank.


Latest upgarde

  • The tank ammunition has been fragmented to target enemy infantry waiting ahead to ambush.

  • The gun’s elevation has been increased in order to target enemy positions on top of multi-floor buildings and low flying drones.

  • A single Terminator tank has the ability to replace two conventional BMPs and an infantry platoon.