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Current Affairs

Rocket-propelled grenade

Date: 12 May 2022 Tags: Military


Punjab Police’s Intelligence headquarters in Mohali was attacked with a Rocket-Propelled Grenade (RPG).



  • RPG stands for Rucknoy Peotivotankovvy Granaromyot. It is a weapon of soviet origin. The name translates to a handheld anti-tank grenade launcher.

  • The weapon is portable and can be fired from a shoulder position. This makes it easy to operate and transport.

  • It can cause widespread damage to people, armoured vehicles or against buildings. The RPG has different varieties based on effective range and penetration levels.


Origin of weapon

  • The origin of the weapon dates back to World War I. Similar weapons were made by various western powers.

  • Most famous of all these is RPG. It has managed to make its presence felt in all parts of the world, in all insurgency or terror infested region.

  • RPG is used in region such as Vietnam, Afghanistan, Somalia, Syria, Iraq and even closer home, in Jammu and Kashmir. 


Version used in recent attack

The weapon resembled an RPG PG-22 Netto version. It has front-loading tube and can inflict severe damage up to 200 metres of range.


Availability of the weapon

  • Soviet weapons like RPG are always in great demand and there is a thriving illegal market in the world.

  • Weapon smugglers procure the weapon and provide it to terrorist organizations across the country and globe.

  • The weapons are most likely to originate from former Soviet Union countries in Eastern Europe. There is an established market for soviet weaponry.

  • Apart from terrorist groups, many government agencies procure such weapons from non-traceable sources in order to express deniability.