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Robot that takes care of Coronavirus patients

Date: 25 March 2020 Tags: Robotics


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread in India and across the world, Kochi-based startup Asimov Robotics has developed a robot that can be deployed in hospitals to ease pressure on the medical staff.



The three-wheeled robot can carry food, medical and clinical consumables and navigate freely in the hospitals. The robot has been developed in 15 days by a team of seven people.



  • The robot is mainly designed to be used inside isolation wards. The robot, dubbed “KARMI-BOT”, has lower and upper trays that can be loaded with food or sterile containers.

  • Additionally, the robot also disinfects the used items as it comes out of the quarantine zone. The robot also lets doctors or relatives interact with the patients through video calling.

  • The robot has autonomous navigation and can be used remotely as well. The advantage of deploying a robot in this scenario is to cut down on human to human contact. This will help both health workers and visitors.

  • The robots are connected to the distributed sensor network and use AI and MI to come to a decision and based on that decision, they respond.

  • Earlier the had team deployed two humanoid robots at the entrance of Maker Village at the Kinfra Hi-Tech Park to create awareness about coronavirus outbreak and distribute masks and sanitisers to people who work in the Integrated Startup Complex.