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Current Affairs

Protected Mobility Vehicles

Date: 14 May 2022 Tags: Military


To purchase Protected Mobility Vehicles (PMV), the Indian Army has floated a Request for Information (RFI).



  • PMV is a wheeled armoured personnel carrier that can be used for plains and desert areas for mobility.

  • Soldiers travelling in the vehicle will be provided protection from mine blasts and sudden attack by small arms.



  • The protected troops could be members of a quick reaction team going towards a point of conflict, or members of patrolling parties heading to border areas.

  • They could also be members of a reconnaissance squad working behind enemy lines or in forward positions of own troops.


Specifications needed

  • The army needs the vehicle to be operated in areas above the height of 4000 metres and for deserts and plains.

  • It also needs the vehicles to be wheeled, 4X4 drive mode and should have automatic transmission. 

  • Excluding driver and co-driver, the vehicle should carry 10 personnel, with each person carrying a combat load of not less than 30 kg.


Technical specifications

  • Vehicle should offer ballistic protection and should be able to protect the vehicle from grenade and mine blasts.

  • It should have ability to clock maximum speed of 90 kmph on road and 40 kmph on cross country terrain.

  • The vehicle should be able to operate in temperature range of 40 degree centigrade to minus 15 degree in high-altitude areas.

  • It should have weapon mount to fix a 7.62 mm Light Machine Gun (LMG) and a turret with 360 degree rotation for a LMG.

  • The PMV should be having 11 firing ports with five each on the starboard and port side of the vehicle and one at the rear. 



Request for Proposal (RFP) will be floated in the month of November, followed by trials above 17,000 feet and in the plains and deserts.


Prospective source

  • The Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) has the ability to manufacture PMVs. It had handed over such vehicle to army recently.

  • Tata has developed IPMV in collaboration with the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

  • It is the first private sector company in India to produce such wheeled armoured personnel carriers.