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Current Affairs

Nigerian government joins Koo

Date: 11 June 2021 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


The Nigerian government has joined the social media platform Koo, which is touted as the Indian rival of Twitter.



Recently, Twitter had deleted a tweet by the President of Nigeria that forced the government to suspend operations of the company in the country.



  • Koo has announced that it was making the app available in Nigerian languages for making it more acceptable in the country.

  • Twitter has been accused by many sections as a biased platform that spreads fake news. The government of Nigeria says that the platform was harming corporate existence of the country.

  • The move was vehemently opposed by many citizens who said that the government was trying to suspend freedom of speech and subsequently the fundamental rights.

  • Twitter has refused to apologise to the President and instead said that it was making efforts to restore its service in the country.

  • Former US President Trump has welcomed the move and said that social media companies must not be allowed to dictate terms to the elected government.


Implications for Koo

  • The move is expected to garner support to Koo for expanding its operation. It will make it an alternative platform for citizen interaction.

  • The promotion of the social media company was boosted after Twitter ran into spat with the Government of India regarding fake news controversy.

  • Koo has accepted the new IT rules that were notified by the government but Twitter has refused to comply.

  • The company also recently received a $30 million funding from Tiger Global. The fundraiser allowed Koo to achieve a valuation of $100 million.