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Current Affairs

Nauka module pushes ISS out of control

Date: 02 August 2021 Tags: Space


The recently launched Nauka module of the Russian part of the International Space Station has pushed ISS out of its path during docking process.



The Nauka module will replace the Pirs module that has served its lifetime and will soon be brought back to Earth.



  • Russia had said that a software glitch was responsible for the accident that pushed ISS out of its path during the docking.

  • The ISS lost altitudinal control after one of the rocket thrusters on the Nauka module misfired as a result of software failure.

  • The crew on the ISS are now involved in fitting the module by balancing the internal pressures and purifying the atmosphere.

  • The agencies have now reported that the ISS has regained its control and the loss of altitude has been fixed along with stability.


The dangers posed

  • If the ISS loses its control or altitude, it may strike other satellites. This may start a series of collision reaction, called as Kessler’s syndrome.

  • The agencies say that no serious threat was posed by the incident on the lives of astronauts currently on the ISS.