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Current Affairs

NASA’s space equity action plan

Date: 26 April 2022 Tags: Space


An equity action plan has been released by National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).



The plan is a part of efforts by US government to make space more accessible and also bring racial equity.



The equity action plan was influenced by 2021 executive order that directed NASA to identify and eliminate systematic barriers and rationalize representation.


There are four focus areas of the plan

  • Equity in contracts and procurement

  • NASA will focus on business categorized as disadvantaged such as women-owned and service-disabled for procuring goods and services.

  • NASA aims to identify and study barriers. It will increase outreach to disadvantaged communities.


  • Using data to mitigate environmental challenges

  • Environmental data sets of NASA will be made accessible for free on internet through Amazon Web Services Open Data platform.

  • To address environmental parameters, around 2,700 users will be trained to use the agency’s data more effectively for climate research.


  • Increasing grants

  • Minority institutions are currently not adequately represented under NASA’s annual grant programme.

  • NASA is working to identify colleges and universities that are eligible for grants but not submitting applications.


  • Increased external civil rights compliance and access for Limited English Proficient Population

  • Civil rights compliance reviews will be increased to 10 per year. Language barrier is a reason why NASA resources are not accessible to all.

  • NASA will update its language access plan by introducing multilingual communication and awareness programmes.



  • The organisation’s deputy administrator will lead efforts towards equity. The office of diversity and equal opportunity will establish a leadership council.

  • Employee resource groups, centre directors, senior leadership and associate administrators will all be part of leadership groups.

  • NASA will conduct regular public town hall meetings and outreach programmes to target underserved communities.