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Current Affairs

Kamikaze drones

Date: 21 March 2022 Tags: Military


The United States has dispatched Kamikaze drone to Ukraine to assist their fight against invading Russia.



There are drones that can fire missiles and others are missiles themselves, which can explode near the target.



  • They are cheaper versions and also lighter than traditional ones. They can be carried by security personnel in their backpacks.

  • They can be deployed when the target comes closer. Since they cost less and have greater chances of success, they are employed in large-scale.



  • Kamikaze drones are also known as switchblade drones and are packed with explosives.

  • They have to be launched from a small tube that resembles a mortar. 

  • They can be maneuvered directly after the launch to the target and explode when it comes in contact.



  • They are smaller in size, making it difficult to be tracked on radar system. They can be programmed to hit targets without human intervention based on facial recognition.

  • The switchblade has a feature that allows operator to adjust the blast radius. This allows targeted killing.

  • The drone can be stopped up to two seconds before impact. This prevents human mistakes or a risk to civilians.


Use of drones

  • The US and many other countries such as China, Russia, Turkey, Israel etc have some forms of the kamikaze drones.

  • Iran had used such drones to attack US facilities in Iraq. Azerbaijan has used them to against Armenian military. Houthi rebels have used them to attack Saudi Oil facilities.



Kamikaze is a Japanese word which refers to a special attack unit during World War II. Aircraft pilots involved in the war would crash their flight on to targets in a suicide mission.