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Current Affairs

Hydrogen-powered car

Date: 01 April 2022 Tags: Energy


Union minister of Transport Nitin Gadkari recently travelled to Parliament on a hydrogen-powered car.



The vehicle was Toyota Mirai, which has three hydrogen tanks, which can be refilled in about five minutes. It has a 1.24 kWh lithium ion battery pack powered by a 182 hp electric motor.



The minister’s use of the vehicle is seen as a strong indication of shift in centre’s policy for exploring other mobility methods instead of conventional EVs.


Types of electric vehicles

  • Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV), Battery-powered Electric Vehicle (BEV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs), and plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) are different types.

  • FCEVs use hydrogen gas to power an on-board electric motor. They are considered EVs as they are completely powered by electricity.

  • Compared to BEV, they are different as they follow traditional fuelling process. The fuelling time is about five minutes compared to 35-40 minutes for BEVs.

  • The biggest benefit of FCEV is that it has five times better energy storage per unit volume. This allows rider to go farther.


India’s policy on hydrogen vehicles

  • The government had announced plans to launch a comprehensive National Hydrogen Energy Mission.

  • A Hydrogen Energy Mission in 2021-22 was announced in budget for generating hydrogen from green power sources.