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Current Affairs

Hubble telescope in safe mode

Date: 19 July 2021 Tags: Space


Repair work on the Hubble telescope will be undertaken by NASA that has prevented the telescope from being used in scientific observations.



The telescope is running currently in safe mode. The problem encountered is one of the biggest in more than a decade.



  • All the unwanted and non-essential systems onboard the telescope was shut down after a computer stopped working due to a glitch.

  • The space telescope will take several days to get back to normal. The telescope is one of the finest instruments currently present in space.

  • It was launched in 1990 and has managed to contribute heavily towards astronomy and space studies. The observations and data have managed to appear in more than 18,000 papers.


Reasons for safe mode

  • The safe mode was activated after the computer that coordinates other instruments on board developed technical glitch and shut down.

  • Researchers say that the problem was present in the Power Control Unit (PCU) that supplies voltage to computer hardware on the device.

  • The secondary unit prevents voltage beyond or below the permissible limit from reaching the hardware and memory. This may have been tripped.


Hubble telescope

  • It was the first major telescope placed in space and named after astronomer Edwin Hubble. It has managed to perform groundbreaking discoveries in space research.

  • It makes observations of galaxies, stars and planets and help researchers in understanding secrets of universe.