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Heat pumps

Date: 05 July 2021 Tags: Energy


A new device known as heat pumps is being used to drive out hot air in Western US, which is suffering from historic heat-waves.



Many citizens have been forced to buy AC for the first time due to the heat. But ACs are not environment friendly.



  • The heat pumps are said to be a good and environment friendly alternative to AC. They do not make use of any kind of fossil fuels.

  • These devices are most appropriate in areas where cooling and heating requirements are moderate.

  • Heat pumps make use of electric current to transfer heat from cold place to warm place. It ensures that cool place remains cooler and the warm place warmer.

  • It does not generate hot or cold air but rather shifts cold and hot air. It absorbs hot air from within a room and releases it outside during cooling process.

  • Heat pumps are two types based on the medium of heat absorption. One absorbs heat from air and other from ground.


Eco-friendly nature

  • They do not create hot or cold air so does not require fossil fuels. It works like a refrigerator to transfer heat using minimal amount of electricity.

  • It cannot be said as a completely renewable option due to use of electricity but the amount of emissions is lower than AC.



  • The pump is not cheap. It may cost higher than ACs or heating system as it requires laying of pipeline consisting of fluid.

  • In such a case, air pumps are most suited. The savings on use of this device depends on the area it services and the time used.

  • In India, the device is getting popular in places such as movie halls, malls and large buildings. The availability of solar energy makes it an attractive option.