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Current Affairs

EOS-03 launch fails

Date: 13 August 2021 Tags: Space


The launch of Indian Space Research Organization’s EOS-03 observation satellite aboard a GSLV rocket failed due to malfunction.



The failure of GSLV is the third major incident among the 14 missions carried out by the GSLV. The failure was observed in the third ignition cycle.



  • Indigenously developed cryogenic engine using liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen was used for the cryogenic upper stage.

  • Heavy payload carrying rockets such as GSLV can be propelled more efficiently using the cryogenic stage as it gives more thrust.

  • The cryogenic engines are more complex as they use fuels which are at extremely low temperatures than the conventional solid and liquid fuels.

  • The Mark II version of the same GSLV was used by ISRO to launch GSAT-7A. The last failure of GSLV rocket was in 2010.



  • ISRO’s major missions have already been delayed due to pandemic as well as technical glitches. The failure will be a big setback for its capabilities.

  • The future missions involving GSLV have to be temporarily halted until the glitch is identified and addressed.



  • The EOS-03 was an Earth observation satellite which intended to provide the real-time images of different parts of the country.

  • The observations made using the satellite can be used to monitor floods, cyclones, droughts and other natural disasters apart from observing forests and water bodies.