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Card details of Indians up for sale on Dark Net

Date: 08 February 2020 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


 A Singapore-based cybersecurity company has revealed that about 98% of credit card and debit card details that is being sold on Dark Net is that of Indians.



In October 2019, Group-IB Threat Intelligence team had detected the first such database of over 1.3 million credit and debit card records, mostly of Indian customers.



  • The stash of 4,61,976 card payment details went up for sale on Joker’s Stash, one of the most secretive portals on the dark net for buying such information. 

  • The company has also observed that the data is suspected to have been collected from phishing rackets, which are on the rise in India over the last few years.

  • The underground market value of the database is estimated at more than $4.2 million. The source of this batch currently remains unknown.

  • In the current case is pertaining to so-called fullz, which have info on card number, expiration date, CVV/CVC, cardholder name as well as some extra personal info. Such type of data is likely to have been compromised online with the use of phishing, malware, or JS-sniffers.

  • JavaScript or JS-Sniffers are programmes used for stealing credit and debit card information from e-commerce websites, and are among the latest concerns when it comes to cybersecurity and theft of sensitive card details.

Dark Net

  • Dark Net (or Darknet, synonymous with dark web) is the part of the Internet below the private deep web[1] that uses custom software and hidden networks superimposed on the architecture of the Internet.

  • Types of dark webs include friend-to-friend networks (usually used for file sharing with a peer-to-peer connection) and privacy networks such as Tor.