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Current Affairs

Canister launched Anti-Armour Loiter Ammunition (CALM)

Date: 14 April 2022 Tags: Military


Request for Information (RFI) has been issued by the Indian Army for anti-armour loiter ammunition for its mechanised forces.



The army plans to use them in the plains and deserts of Western India as well as on high altitude areas in the Northern borders in Ladakh.



  • The system, also known as CALM, can fire a pre-loaded canister with loiter ammunition or a drone towards a target.

  • The loiter ammunition can remain in air for a period of time over the area of operation, and can be guided down to destroy the target when it is sighted.



  • The loiter ammunition or drone will contain a camera which can be used by the operator to see the area of operation and choose targets. 

  • There are some variants that can be recovered and reused in case they are not used for any strike.



  • The army wants to procure 150 such systems which will be launched from the BMP Infantry Fighting vehicles of the Mechanised Infantry.

  • The systems will be procured under the ‘Make in India’ and ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’ programmes.


Use in combat operations

  • The system has been used by Azerbaijani forces to attack on Armenian tanks, radar systems, communication hubs and other military targets. 

  • Russia has been using its ZALA KYB loiter ammunition in Ukraine. The US has provided Ukraine with Switchblade loiter munitions that could target Russian armour 10 km away.



  • It provides armed forces the ability to attack from top on armoured vehicles, which are relatively less protected.

  • They enable better chances of attacking objects that are concealed for long time and appear for only short durations.