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Current Affairs

Articulated All-Terrain Vehicles

Date: 30 March 2022 Tags: Military


A Request For Information (RFI) has been issued by the Indian Army for the supply of Articulated All-Terrain Vehicles.



Articulated All-Terrain Vehicle is a carrier that is to be used for off road mobility. It is twin cabined, amphibious and tracked.



  • The push mode locomotion in form of two cabins ensures mobility over varied terrains like snow, desert and slush.

  • The ballistic protection cabin allows troops travelling in it safety from small arms fire.

  • They can reach areas where wheeled vehicles cannot due to deep snow, slush or marshy terrain.

  • They are useful for patrolling and rapid deployment in operational situations.



The Indian army plans to deploy them in Bhuj and Ladakh. They are set to be used for snow-bound areas and in the marshy terrain of the respective regions.


Requirements for army

  • Vehicles should have ability to seat 10 soldiers with full combat load and should have inbuilt ballistic protection.

  • They should have operating range of not less than 150 kms in cross country terrain in plains and at an altitude of 15,000 to 18,000 feet in the mountains. 

  • The vehicles should be able to serve for at least 15 years.


Companies manufacturing Articulated All-Terrain Vehicles

  • The NASU vehicle of Finland is used by armies of US, Finland, Belgium, France and others for operational use.

  • The Bandvagn 206 is manufactured by BAE Systems, Platforms and Services. They are used by Swedish army, British and also US.

  • The DT-30 Vityaz vehicle and GAZ 3344 are used by the Russian army which is manufactured in the country.