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Apple iCloud outage

Date: 28 January 2022 Tags: IT, Mobile & Computers


The iCloud service of Apple has experienced an outage across the globe, making many users unable to access some services.



  • The major issue was related to login, file access and server connection. The company admitted the issue and has taken steps to resolve them.

  • The Apple services that were impacted include iCloud Mail, Game Centre, Apple Card, Photos, iCloud Storage upgrades and iCloud Web apps.


Importance of iCloud

  • The iCloud is the backbone for many services provided by the company. It is a cloud storage used by the company.

  • The service is used by Apple users to store photos, backup data, notes, files and also passwords from iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Its failure can impact user services.



Some users were unable to sign into the services. Others could not verify iCloud on their device. The passwords of apps also could not be verified as they are also stored on iCloud.


Response of Apple

Apple has not given any reasons for the outage but has stated that the issue was resolved in a timely manner.


Cloud storage

Cloud storage is a model of computer data storage in which the digital data is stored on internet and not local device.


Benefits of cloud storage technology

  • Data is protected in a more secure way by storing it over multiple data centres. This prevents them from getting lost.

  • Cloud storage reduces the need to develop and maintain internal storage facilities. It will save cost for many companies.

  • Files or data can be accessed anytime using internet service. The service does not need a particular device for accessing.



  • Failure of cloud system can impact multiple clients or users. The compromise can lead to leakage of huge amount of data.

  • The service needs continuous access to internet without which it is difficult to use the features of cloud technology.