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Current Affairs

TRS paddy protest

Date: 13 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


To demand the Centre to procure parboiled rice from the state, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao started a protest in New Delhi.



The TRS is facing an aggressive BJP expanding its footprint in the state. The Chief Minister wants to project the issue as BJP’s “indifference’’ towards Telangana farmers.



  • The Chief Minister wants the centre to give assurance in writing on the amount of paddy it will procure every season.

  • The issue gained political support from Rakesh Tikait of the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU). This is seen as a move to give the issue a political colour.



  • The state government claims that BJP leaders of the state encouraged farmers to grow paddy saying the centre will procure everything.

  • The centre promised to procure 65 lakh tonnes of paddy of which it has procured only 45 lakh tonnes. It is reluctant to procure more than the target.

  • The state government wants the centre and its agencies to procure entire stock of approximately 75 lakh tonnes.


Centre’s policy

  • The state leaders accused the centre of procuring 186.86 lakh tonnes from Punjab but only 70.26 lakh tonnes from Telangana. 

  • This indifferent policy of FCI was affecting the states’ planning of cropping patterns. They want FCI to fix procurement targets for the entire year at one go.


Centre’s response

  • The majority of the remaining rice stocks were parboiled rice and the centre had refused to buy anymore of this variety due to low demand.

  • The FCI had conveyed to food secretaries of all state that no parboiled rice will be accepted from any state for central pool during 2021-22.

  • The Telangana government had given in writing that it will not supply parboiled rice to FCI but has now reversed its stance due to pressure on the state government by farmers.

  • The FCI has responded to the call of state leaders and said that there is enough stock of rice in the country and it won’t purchase any more of it.



The FCI has asked the Telangana government to convert parboiled rice into raw rice so that it can be procured for the central pool.