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The ‘J form’

Date: 07 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A digitized ‘J form’ will be sent to WhatsApp numbers of farmers by the Punjab Mandi Board from Rabi procurement season.



Punjab will become the first state in the country to provide digitised form J in real time. 



The move is said to bring transparency and empower farmers. About 9 lakh registered farmers planning to sell their crop will benefit from the move.


The J form

  • The sale receipt of farmer’s agricultural produce in mandis is termed as J form. Earlier, they were issued manually by middle-men known as ‘arthiyas’.

  • The J forms are proof of farmers’ income. Before digitization, these receipts were kept by arthiyas, denying farmer the proof of their income.

  • By having the J form, farmers will have a clear record of the crop sold and income received. They will not have to approach arthiyas to get copy of the J form.



  • The J form will be sent to the WhatsApp number of farmers when the sale of their produce is confirmed by seller and buyer.

  • In case of change of WhatsApp number, the receipt will be sent to the digilocker linked with their Aadhar number.

  • Documents in digilockers are at par with original physical documents under Rule 9A of the Information Technology (Preservation and Retention of Information by Intermediaries providing Digital Locker facilities) Rules, 2016.


Benefits for farmers

  • The J form can be used as legal document to obtain loans, get subsidy claims, get IT waivers, obtain insurance and provide admission to their wards in foreign institutions.

  • The move will prevent theft of grains by arthiyas as farmers and government will come to know the amount of produce brought and sold.

  • The family of the farmers can know actual income as sometimes the income is hid in order to buy alcohol and narcotics.


Benefits for government

  • The government will have record of total land under cultivation. It will help in estimating the total yield and also yield per acre.

  • Government can make policies to target areas where there is reduction in yield or shortages due to various factors.

  • It can also track if produce from other states are illegally sold in mandis of Punjab as they will have record of individual yield.