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Current Affairs

No-confidence motion

Date: 23 February 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy has resigned after his government lost the no-confidence motion in the state assembly.



The government lost its numbers owing to a spate of resignations by MLAs of ruling party, necessitating a motion.



  • No confidence motion is a statement or vote about whether a person in a position of responsibility (government, managerial, etc.) is no longer deemed fit to hold that position.

  • As a parliamentary motion, it demonstrates to the head of state that the elected parliament no longer has confidence in the appointed government.

  •  In some countries, if a no confidence motion is passed against an individual minister they have to resign along with the entire council of ministers.

  • A no-confidence motion may be more directed against the entire council of ministers led by the chief minister.

  • A no confidence motions may not require reasons to be specified. It may be initiated if the opposition feels that government does not have the numbers.



  • A motion of no confidence can be introduced only in the lower house of the assembly or parliament. The motion is admitted for discussion when a minimum of 50 members of the house support the motion.

  • The allotted date has to be within 10 days from the day the motion is accepted. Otherwise, the motion fails and the member who moved the motion will be informed about it.

  • If the motion carries, the House debates and votes on the motion. If a majority of the members of the house vote in favour of the motion, the motion is passed and the Government is bound to vacate the office.

  • With the Anti-defection law, the vote of no confidence has no relevance when the majority party has an absolute majority in the House. 


Censure motion

  • A "no confidence" may lead to dismissal of the Council of Ministers or other position-holders, whereas "censure" is meant to show disapproval and does not result in the resignation of ministers.

  • To initiate a censure motion, reason has to be stated. This is not required against no-confidence motion.

  • A censure motion can be passed against any minister and not the whole council of ministers.