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Current Affairs

New Drone rules 2021

Date: 30 August 2021 Tags: Bills & Laws


The Drone Rules 2021 have been introduced by the centre to liberalize the unmanned aircraft systems regime in the country.



The new rules are expected to make drone operations simpler for civilian drone operators after several approvals were abolished.



  • The biggest change is the reduction of number of forms that were to be filled. It has now been reduced to five from previous twenty five.

  • The amount to be paid as fee before operating drone has been reduced to 4 from the previous price of 72.

  • Earlier, the amount of fees collected depended upon the size of the drone. This has now been made uniform to all drones regardless of size.


Previous approvals required

The unique authorization number, unique prototype identification number, certificate of manufacturing and airworthiness, certificate of conformance, certificate of maintenance, acceptance of existing drones, , import clearance, remote pilot instructor authorization, operator permit, authorization of R&D organization, student remote pilot license, and drone port authorization.


Other important changes

  • The Digital Sky platform has been made a single window clearance system. In addition, a map will be issued marking areas where flying drone is allowed and where it is not.

  • The yellow zone which did not allow drone in a radius of 45 km has now been reduced to 12 km. Flyers do not need permission to fly in green zone.

  • Pilot license will be issued within 15 days of pilot receiving the remote pilot certificate from the suitable drone school through the digital sky platform.

  • A drone promotion council will be set up by Government for promoting drone technology among students and academia.


Significance of the rules

  • The new rules signals government’s intention to boost drone market in the country while ensuring that rogue ones is effectively tackled.

  • It will open up new possibilities for business and innovation in the field of UAVs. It will also benefit defence sector.

  • The new rules have expanded its authority over drones above 500 kg. This will effectively ensure air taxi regime to be introduced soon.



Drone is an aerial vehicle which can be flown remotely without any onboard pilot. They range from small camera device to a large combat vehicle.