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Current Affairs

New BH series registration

Date: 01 September 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new Bharat series or “BH” series of registration has been introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.



The new registration may help vehicle owners from spending their time and money in changing registration of their vehicles.



  • The current process is tiresome in which the owner has to obtain an NOC from the current state and then re-register the vehicle in the next state.

  • The owner has to pay the road tax once again in the new registered state. This is a source of concern for many individuals who relocate often from state to state.

  • The issue is faced by individuals working in transferable jobs such as railways, banking, defence and also certain private employees.


Current procedure

  • The owner of vehicle must take it to the nearby RTO for changing the registration. They will have to carry a NOC from the state where the vehicle is initially registered.

  • Such state is referred to as parent state. For getting a new registration for the vehicle, the NOC from parent state is a must.



  • A new vehicle from another state can reside in a state for a maximum period of 12 months during which it has to be re-registered.

  • This is compulsory under Section 47 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Failure to do so will attract punishment or fines.

  • The owner has to apply for getting refund of road tax of parent state as tax is already charged for 15 years in advance. The remaining amount is paid to the new state.


Concerns in refund

  • The transferring of funds from one state to another is cumbersome due to large bureaucratic hurdles and varying of procedure.

  • Currently, the central government has not come up with a system that will govern transferring of road tax from one state to another.


The new facility

Allottment for BH series will be completely online. Individuals having BH series will not need to change their registration once they relocate to another state.



  • A government employee of state or centre is eligible for the provision. Individuals working in private companies having branches in at least four states/UTs are eligible to get the BH number.

  • The state officials will first verify the form and then allot the BH series. The number will be generated randomly by computer.



  • Taxes will be levied for first two years and later in multiples of two. It will free individual from claiming the refund of road taxes.

  • If the cost of the vehicle is below Rs 10 lakh, the road tax will be 8%. Vehicles costing between Rs 10-20 lakh will be charged 10%. A 12% tax will be levied on vehicles costing above 20 lakh.


BH series number

  • Typical BH series number may look like “21 BH XXXX AA”.

  • The first two digits is the year of the first registration,

  • BH is the code for the series,

  • The four numbers (XXXX) are randomly generated

  • Two letters of the English alphabet.