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Current Affairs

Doubling districts in Andhra Pradesh

Date: 02 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The government of Andhra Pradesh has proposed to create 13 more districts in the state, doubling the existing number.



A draft notification has now been issued under the Andhra Pradesh Districts (Formation) Act, 1974, for drawing new districts.



  • The creation of new districts was promised by YSRCP in 2019. It had stated that new districts would be created based on parliamentary constituencies in the state.

  • The government says that creation of new districts would ensure good governance and efficient delivery of services and government schemes.


New changes

Except the districts of Srikakulam, Prakasam, and Nellore, all remaining 10 will be divided into two or three.



  • It will ensure development of new cities and towns as development will decentralize from existing centres.

  • Smaller districts are better for good governance. Schemes and facilities could be better provided in smaller districts.



  • Bifurcation of tribal areas has been opposed citing “a violation of tribal rights”. There has been no proper study carried out before the bifurcation.

  • In many proposed districts, the districts headquarters will be very far and inaccessible for people staying at the edge.

  • The idea of creating a district based on Parliamentary constituency is termed to be fundamentally flawed.

  • The state is already reeling under low revenue and high spending due to its welfare schemes. Building offices for new districts will be burden on state finances.