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Current Affairs

Delimitation in Jammu and Kashmir

Date: 23 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Union government has invited leaders of the mainstream political parties to discuss issues related to constituting assembly for Jammu & Kashmir.



Jammu & Kashmir is currently a union territory without state assembly. The union government plans to give back its statehood after deliberations.



  • The elections for a state assembly can only be conducted after delimitation exercise is carried out by a delimitation commission.

  • Delimitation is a process of redrawing boundaries of Lok Sabha constituencies and state assembly constituencies of a particular state to reflect changes in population.

  • A Delimitation Commission will be in charge of conducting delimitation. The decisions of the commission have force of law and cannot be challenged in any court.

  • The main idea behind delimitation is to re-draw boundaries of constituencies in such a way that population of all seats is uniform across the state.

  • The practice usually leads to changes in boundaries of existing constituencies. New seats may be added or existing ones removed.


Delimitation exercise in J&K

  • The process of delimitation in J&K was different than rest of India due to special status, which was revoked in 2019.

  • Earlier, delimitation of Lok Sabha seats in the state was in accordance with Constitution of India, whereas that of assembly seats was governed by Jammu and Kashmir Constitution and Jammu and Kashmir Representation of the People Act, 1957.

  • The current commission is headed by retired Supreme Court judge Ranjana Prakash Desai. K K Sharma, the J&K State Election Commissioner and Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra are other ex-officio members.

  • The other associate members are Dr Jitendra Singh, Jugal Kishore Sharma, Dr Farooq Abdullah, Hasnain Masoodi and Mohammad Akbar Lone.