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Delhi HC quashes doorstep ration delivery scheme

Date: 23 May 2022 Tags: Judiciary & Judgments


The doorstep ration delivery scheme of the Delhi government was quashed by the Delhi High Court.



The scheme was opposed by the Lt Governor and the court agreed that the scheme cannot go ahead in existing form.



Ever since the Delhi government introduced the scheme in 2018, it has been opposed strictly by the centre on technical grounds.


The scheme

  • The ‘Mukhya Mantri Ghar Ghar Ration Yojna’ aimed to deliver ration to doorstep of beneficiaries under the Targeted Public Distribution System.

  • The LG opposed the argument of the government stating that the scheme did not eliminate corruption. It was advised to place the matter before the central government.



  • The scheme was objected by the centre when it was notified in 2021. The objection was regarding the name of the scheme.

  • Centre said that it had no objection to the scheme if a separate scheme is made by the state government without using elements of the NFSA (National Food Security Act) foodgrains.


The petition

  • A petition challenging the scheme was filed by the Delhi Sarkari Ration Dealers Sangh and the Delhi Ration Dealers Union.

  • The Centre supported the petitions and argued that the tenders and scheme are in contravention of the NFSA.

  • Fair Price Shops, being an integral part of the PDS, cannot be tinkered by the government of Delhi.


Verdict of court

  • The high court said that the state government can offer delivery of foodgrains at the doorstep of beneficiaries, but with its own resources. 

  • The court also said that Delhi government cannot go ahead and implement the scheme without addressing the concerns of existing FPS owners.

  • It also agreed with the opinion of the LG to get approval of the central government since NFSA is a law enacted by Parliament.

  • The court advised the Delhi government to seek approval of the President after a difference of opinion with the LG.