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Current Affairs

Deciding EC symbol

Date: 05 October 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The election Commission has freezed the Bungalow symbol of Lok Janashakti Party owing to differences between two factions.



The factions led by current LJP president Pashupati Kumar Paras and his nephew Chirag Paswan are fighting for leadership of the party.



  • The EC’s decision comes with respect to the upcoming elections to Kusheshwar Asthan and Tarapur seats in Bihar.

  • In addition, the EC said that neither of the faction will be allowed to use the name ‘Lok Janashakti party’ and they should choose alternative names for fighting polls until the decision regarding symbol.

  • Five MPs out of the six of the LJP had removed Chirag Paswan from the post of President and replaced him with Pashupati Paras.

  • In recent times, such incidents of party spilt have occurred when Samajwadi party and AIADMK party factions had claimed hold.


Powers of EC regarding disputes

  • The EC has powers to decide which of the rival faction of a political party can claim its leadership. It can also decide if either faction gets recognition.

  • For deciding the claims EC makes use of multiple factors such as support from elected members, party organization etc. The decision of EC is binding on the parties.

  • In case of registered but unrecognized political parties, the EC asks them to resolve their differences or approach court with their claims.


The largest splits

  • Biggest of splits took place in 1964 when Communist Party of India split itself into CPI (Marxist). They were recognised as separate party after rival group was able to garner more than 4% of votes in the 3 states.

  • The split in Indian National Congress took place in 1969 after Prime Minister Indira Gandhi was expelled for anti-party activities by the old guard.

  • The old guard faction was named INC (O) and faction of Indira Gandhi was called INC (I). The old faction retained original symbol and the new faction got a new one.


The new criteria

  • Until 1997 EC decided the party leadership based on support from elected members and party organization. After a series of splits a new criteria was imposed.

  • Whenever a splinter group was formed, it had to register itself as a separate party. The status of national or state party was given only after their electoral performance.