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Current Affairs

Dalit Bandhu scheme

Date: 30 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The Telangana government is planning to undertake the biggest scheme for the benefit of dalits in the state in form of Dalit Bandhu.



Dalit Bandhu is a Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme for Dalits of the state. The government is planning to spend upto 1 lakh crore for implementing the scheme.



  • The scheme will be started on a pilot basis in the constituency of Huzurabad, which will be having a bye-election soon.

  • Opposition parties have touted it a political stunt and are asking for keeping hold the scheme until end of the elections.

  • The CM has justified the move and is asking for fast rollout of the scheme in the constituency and the state.

  • He has further added that the scheme will start a movement for empowering dalits and will enable a nation-wide implementation in future.


The scheme

  • It is a flagship scheme of the government of Telangana. It is a welfare scheme to empower family of dalits and give them economic independence.

  • The scheme will increase entrepreneurship among Dalit youths with a one-time assistance of Rs 10 lakh per family. It will be the biggest cast-transfer scheme in the country.

  • At the initial stage, 11,900 families of dalits will be selected with 100 each from 119 assembly constituencies.

  • They will be given a 10 lakh assistance of cash without any bank guarantee for starting a business.


Entrepreneurship opportunities

  • Dalits will be given reservation in sectors where government issues license. This includes licenses for medical shops, wine shops, rice mills and fertilizer shops.

  • Dalit youths can use the money under the scheme to set up dairy farms, oil mills, harvesters, furniture shops, cloth stores, cement business, steel agency, poultry farm etc.


Other provisions

 A corpus fund called as Dalit Security Fund will be created in every district under the district collector. The beneficiary will deposit minimum amount in this fund, which can be used during adversities.



  • Opposition has called this a political stunt for reaping electoral benefits. There are questions asked on the implementation of previous schemes and legislation for benefits of the dalits.

  • There are no clear criteria for selecting beneficiary. Political allegiance to ruling party may help some families to get the advantage whereas others may be ignored.

  • The scheme has been pushed in Huzurabad which is a general constituency. It could have been started in a SC/ST constituency.

  • This scheme may start a demand from other castes and groups for a similar one. This may prove to be costly for exchequer.