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Current Affairs

CBSE’s formula for evaluating class XII results

Date: 18 June 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


CBSE has devised a new formula for evaluation and deciding the results of Class XII exams that it had cancelled owing to the pandemic.



The board has submitted the formula of 40:30:30 to the Supreme Court, which is monitoring the issue.



  • The ratio of 40:30:30 will be based on results of Class XII, Class XI and Class X respectively of students.

  • The 40 percent marks weightage will be considered from every theory subject. The pre-boards or mid-term exams will be considered for that.

  • A 30 percent weightage will be taken from marks obtained during the class XI final exam. The remaining 30 percent will be taken from Class X board exam results.

  • These marks will be added to the actual marks the students got in their Class XII practicals and internal assessments.



  • The form of examination that will be considered for deciding the 40 percent weightage for Class XII will be decided by a result committee.

  • The result committee will include the principal of the school, two senior-most teachers of the school as well as two teachers teaching class XII from a neighbourhood school.

  • The class XI computation will also be for respective subjects and practicals taken by students during the final boards.

  • The average of theory marks of three main subjects taken by a student that they have performed best will be considered in case of class X.



Students not happy with the results will be given a chance to write the board examination when the situation becomes conductive.