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Ban on menthol cigarettes

Date: 02 May 2022 Tags: Bills & Laws


Menthol and other flavoured cigarettes have been banned by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).



Studies have shown that there would be overall 15% reduction in smoking of individuals over 40 if menthol cigarettes were unavailable.



Compared to 30% white smokers, 85% black people use menthol cigarettes. There is clear indication black people will be impact


Similar impact on India

  • The banning of menthol cigarettes in India would not have major impact as majority of tobacco users chew tobacco or smoke beedis.

  • Data has showed that more than 25 crore individuals above 15 years use tobacco in India. About 18% individuals use smokeless tobacco, 7% smoke and 4% both.

  • Women and young smokers will be affected as menthol gives tobacco pleasant smell, reduce harshness and irritation.

  • The impact will be short. Removing access to menthol flavoured cigarettes will encourage them to pursue regular ones.


Tobacco users in India

The number of users between age of 15-24 years has reduced in recent times. The number is quite high among American youngsters.


Reducing tobacco use

Preventing easy access of tobacco to young population must be curtailed. Use of tobacco on movies and television should be controlled.