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Current Affairs

Amagarh fort conflict

Date: 31 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Hindu outfits and local Meena tribal groups have been involved in a conflict involving the Amagarh fort of Jaipur.



The Meena tribal group has been saying that the fort was built by the local Meena ruler before the Rajput king, which is being opposed by Hindu outfits.



  • Social media campaigns have been conducted by both the groups to assemble their supporters near the fort to show their strength.

  • Several days back, the idol at the fort was vandalized and a saffron flag was hoisted. The Meena group alleges that tribal symbols are being forcefully adopted into Hindutva fold.

  • The Hindu group is being alleged to have changed the name of Amba mata to Ambika Bhavani to give it a Hindutva identity.


The start of events

  • A video on social media became viral when the saffron flag over the shrine was brought down and subsequently getting torn.

  • Hindu groups say that Meena community leaders purposefully tore the flag whereas the Meenas denied the charges of vandalism.

  • There was a campaign started to arrest individuals involved in the vandalism. The Meena groups are being supported by other SC/ST groups.


History of fort

  • The Amargarh fort was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, who belonged to the Kachhwaha dynasty.

  • There was prior construction in the place before the existing fort came. It is said that the region was under the control of the Meenas.


Importance of Meenas

  • Meenas constitute the largest scheduled tribe population in Rajasthan. Majority of ST reserved constituencies are represented by Meena from both political parties.

  • These groups are scattered throughout Rajasthan and can influence other general assembly results too. They have large presence in bureaucracy.