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Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun awarded Turing Award 2018

Date: 28 March 2019 Tags: Honours & Awards

Three researchers Yoshua Bengio, Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun were awarded 2018 Turing Award, known as “Nobel Prize” of computing. They were awarded for their conceptual and engineering breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI).

About their work

These three researchers are known as godfathers of AI. Working independently, they have developed conceptual foundations for AI to make machines learn like humans. They have identified surprising phenomena through experiments and contributed engineering advances that demonstrated practical advantages of deep neural networks. Their ideas have resulted in major technological advances, and their methodology is now the dominant paradigm in the field

Neural networks

They are electronic engines that power tasks such as speech and facial recognition. They are also critical component of robotic systems that are automating wide range of other human activity. They help computers to recognise patterns and simulate human intelligence.

Turing Award

  • It is annual prize given by Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) to individual for contributions of lasting and major technical importance to computer field.
  • It is generally recognized as the highest distinction in computer science and the "Nobel Prize of computing". It was established in 1966.
  • It is named after British mathematician Alan Turing,  who is often credited as being the key founder of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence.
  • It carries monetary award of US $1 million funded by Google.
  • Its first recipient, in 1966, was Alan Perlis. Its first female recipient was Frances E. Allen of IBM in 2006. Indian-American computer scientist Raj Reddy had won it in 1994.