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Nobel for climate science

Date: 07 October 2021 Tags: Honours & Awards


Scientists Syukuro Manabe and Klaus Hasselmann have won the Nobel Prize in Physics for their work in climate science.



Syukuro Manabe has been a pioneer of climate studies since the 1960s. He along with Richard Wetherald first described the effects of carbon dioxide on global climate.



  • Georgio Parisi was the third recipient of the prize and his work included understanding of complex systems. Weather and climate phenomena are also part of complex systems.

  • This is also the first instance when works of climate scientists have been recognised for top honour such as Nobel Prize.

  • Other similar recognition came for IPCC for its role in creating awareness for the fight against climate change. It was however in Peace category.

  • Chemistry Nobel Prize was given to Paul Crutzen in 1995 based on his works on the Ozone layer. It was most nearest recognition for atmospheric science.


Climate studies

  • Manabe and Wetherland are pioneers of climate change studies. The climate change model created by them is still used for climate science.

  • They were the first ones to give the description of the process of global warming and ensured attention was given towards climate change phenomenon.


Work by Hasselmann

  • He was an oceanographer who also studied climate changes. His works included identifying the signs that helped distinguish if climate change phenomenon were natural or human made.

  • When there was lot of debate on climate change as human driven or part of natural process, Hasselmann’s work gave distinguished proof of human hand.


Role of climate science

  • Climate science has not gained the deserved recognition due to inaccurate predictions. This is because the science itself is uncertain.

  • The works of climate scientists have helped in mainstreaming the subject. It has also helped in improving the prediction methodology.