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Narsinh Mehta

Date: 26 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A new species of spider discovered recently was named as Narsinhmehtai in honour of Narsinh Mehta.



The discovery was made by researchers of Bhakta Kavi Narsinh Mehta University (BKNMU), Junagadh.



  • Narsinh Mehta was a 15th century poet and an ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. The spider was named after him to put his name on global map.

  • The members of Mehta’s Nagar sub-group of Brahmins have opposed naming a spider after him saying that he was already a global name.


Early life

  • Narsinh Mehta was born in 1410 in Talaja in present-day Bhavnagar district. He died in Junagadh.

  • His family was originally from Vadnagar. Till age of eight, Mehta could not speak. He succeeded only after a holy man asked him to utter the name of Lord Krishna.



  • Narsinh spent his time submerged in Krishna bhakti, writing and singing bhajan-kirtans. Lord Krishna is said to have performed Mehta’s family duties by impersonating him.

  • Once the ruler of Junagadh accused Mehta’s of falsely claiming to have seen Lord Krishna and imprisoned him.

  • Mehta was to be only released if Lord Krishna came to his rescue and presented him with a garland. Mehta was found with a garland the next day.


Literary contributions

  • Mehta has composed more than 700 poems, known as padd in Gujarati. The themes mostly focus on Lord Krishna, gyan (wisdom) and vairagya (detachment).

  • Mehta’s most famous creation was Vaishanavajn to tene kahiye, which was Mahatma Gandhi’s favourite bhajan.



Mehta was out-casted by his Nagar community for daring to mingle with harijans (dalits). His poetry also bordered on eroticism, which went against the norms of society.



  • He is called as adikavi (the first poet) and bhakta kavi (devout poet) in Gujarati literature. 

  • An award is named after him, which is one of the highest awards for poets in Gujarati literature.

  • The Junagadh University set up by the state government in 2017 is named after Narsinh Mehta.


Naming species

Newly discovered species are named after famous personalities. There were instances of species named after Mahatma Gandhi, US Presidents and even war heroes such as Capt Vikram Batra.