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Current Affairs

Refugee athletes

Date: 27 July 2021 Tags: Sports


Many athletes belonging to Refugee Olympic team have been competing in the currently held Tokyo Olympics.



The Refugee Olympic team was constituted by the International Olympic Committee in 2016 for athletes who had to leave their home countries.



  • There are 29 athletes competing under this category this time. During the previous Rio Olympics, 12 athletes had participated.

  • The team was selected by the International Olympic Committee from a group of athletes who had got scholarship to prepare for sports in another country.

  • The current crop of refugee athletes belong to countries such as Venezuela, Afghanistan, Congo, Iraq, Eritrea, South Sudan, Cameroon, Syria etc.

  • The officials from IOC and United Nations Human Rights Council manage the refugee team of the Olympics. There is a team in Paralympics too.



  • The refugee team was announced by IOC in 2016 when people in Syria were getting displaced due to the refugee crisis.

  • Officials of the country were asked to contact displaced athletes and ask them to register under the refugee team and compete.