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Performance Grading Index

Date: 09 June 2021 Tags: Reports & Indices


The latest edition of the Performance Grading Index (PGI) was released by the Education Ministry.



The index is relatively new in its introduction and focuses on the measurement of state’s performance in school education.



  • Data for formulating the index is collected from various sources such as Mid-Day Meal, Unified District Information System for Education Plus and National Achievement Survey.

  • The objective of the index is to give focus on certain areas for intervention in school education.

  • A grading practice is used instead of ranking to prevent one state from improving its ranking at the cost of another. It will also remove any humiliation for states.


Parameters used

A total of 1000 points are available. There are about 70 parameters that are grouped under five categories:

  • Access (eg. enrolment ratio, transition rate and retention rate)

  • Governance and management

  • Infrastructure

  • Equity (difference in performance between scheduled caste students and general category students)

  • Learning outcomes (average score in mathematics, science, languages and social science)


Levels in the grading system

  • Level 1: Top performance (Score between 951 and 1000)

  • Level II: Score between 901 and 950.

  • Level III: Score between 851 and 900.

  • Grade VII: Score between 0 and 550.


Performance of states

  • No state has been able to achieve the highest grade. States and UTs such as Punjab, Kerala, Chandigarh, and Tamil Nadu etc are placed in the Level II category.

  • This is the first time that any state has been placed in the Level II category. Earlier the best performing states were placed in Level III.

  • The UT of Ladakh has been placed in the Grade VII category. This is because it is being assessed for the first time after its bifurcation from Jammu and Kashmir.


Scope for improvement

  • The majority of improvement is needed in governance category. It includes parameters such as teachers’ training, teachers’ availability, finances, and regular inspections.

  • The second category requiring improvement is infrastructure and facilities. Low ranking states such as Meghalaya and Bihar had the biggest letdown in this category.