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Hospitalised Covid patients show long term lung damage

Date: 12 May 2021 Tags: Reports & Indices


A new study has shown that about 1/3 rd of discharged patients after severe infection experience effects on their lungs.



While Covid pneumonia has been studied extensively, there is very little information on the time needed for full recovery.



  • Researchers studied the natural road to recovery till one year after being hospitalised for severe case of Covid-19 infection.

  • Patients discharged from hospital were chosen for studying. They were monitored for three, six, nine and twelve months.

  • After every such duration, they underwent a CT scan to determine the functioning of their lungs including the stress.

  • After 12 months, there was improvement in terms of exercise capacity, symptoms etc. majority of them recovered till this period of time.

  • However, a small percent of patients showed signs of breathlessness. The efficiency of blood transfer in lungs was reduced among these patients.

  • The symptoms were more prominent among women than men. These conditions were particularly observable in patients whose lung condition was severe during hospitalisation.

  • The study was however conducted on a small percent of patients and it does not represent universal conditions. Detailed studies have to be conducted to arrive at a conclusion.