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Current Affairs

White flag campaign

Date: 08 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Many Malaysian citizens belonging to the lower income groups have started a white flag campaign to highlight their financial problems due to the pandemic.



The pandemic has made people reel under financial losses due to job loss. These sections are trying to catch attention of good Samaritans.



  • People and families that are facing financial and hunger problems have to hang a white flag outside their homes to show that they need help.

  • It is expected that good citizens and neighbors may be able to get the signal of their distress and help them financially.

  • New apps have been designed to mark the areas in the country where there are food banks located. This will allow hungry people to get food.

  • Another black flag campaign has started that encourages individuals to hang black flags to express dissatisfaction with the Malaysian government.

  • The authorities have also started keeping an eye on white flag movement. This has made many families to take down their white flag.


Importance of white flags

  • White flags are a symbol of surrender and peace. It indicates that an individual has no ways to improve and intends for help.

  • Many countries across the globe are using flags to indicate their desire to get help from authorities or citizen groups.