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Current Affairs

Vatican embezzlement trials

Date: 06 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


A catholic Italian cleric, Cardinal Angelo Becciu, has been made to stand trial for a corruption charge by a judge of Vatican.



The cardinal is accused on involving in financial crimes that are related to embezzlement of church funds.



  • The cardinal is one among many other church clergy, who have been accused of making illegal purchases using church funds.

  • The decision by the Pope to allow cardinal to stand trial is seen to be an effort to improve reputation of catholic churches when it comes to handling financial crimes.

  • Cardinal Becciu is an influential personal with power to vote during papal conclaves. Papal conclaves are events that take place to elect a new Pope.


The crime

  • The crime involves buying plush apartment in central London using church money and routing it through illegal offshore accounts and shell companies.

  • The cardinal was once a close aide of the Pope and was in charge of Vatican’s Secretariat of State that looks after donations of the church.

  • The accusations say that the cardinal siphoned off the church money to help some of his relatives. The cardinal has claimed innocence but has lost his voting powers.

  • The financial crimes such as this have caused losses in millions to the church. The lost funds were intended to be used for the Pope’s charity.