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Vaccine tourism

Date: 24 May 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Tour operators have been innovating new tour packages to Indians, which includes a complementary shots of vaccine.



India is facing acute shortage of vaccines due to delay in production. This has prompted richer sections to go for vaccine tourism.



  • Vaccine tourism is a term used to describe a trip in which individual travel to a place so as to get a shot of vaccine.

  • Many countries in world are planning to include vaccine tourism in their tour packages. This includes Maldives and Russia.

  • These kinds of offers are also emerging from the US as well. San Marino recently became the first European country to offer vaccine tourism.

  • Vaccine tourism is trending in countries where vaccines are short in supply or certain groups are restricted from getting the vaccine.

  • It is not illegal for an individual to travel abroad and get inoculated. Many Indians has vaccinated themselves with Pfizer and Moderna vaccines by going to UAE.


Benefits of vaccine tourism

  • It will help in increase in tourist footfall in countries where the economy is completely dependent on tourism.

  • It will allow privileged sections to get themselves protected from infection if they have the resource to go abroad and get vaccinated.

  • In countries where large amount of vaccines are wasted, it is better if they are able to provide to those in need and willing to pay.



It will make countries to get rid of their responsibilities by putting onus on individuals to make their own arrangements.