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Current Affairs

US state department looking for Japanese Whisky gift

Date: 07 August 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


The US State department has launched an investigation to trace a $5,800 whisky gifted by Japanese government to secretary of State Mike Pompeo in 2019.



The whisky was gifted as an official memento to visiting dignitary but its deposition is yet to be known.



  • Investigation has revealed that Pompeo was in Saudi Arabia when the whisky was given to US officials. It is thus unclear if Pompeo had collected it.

  • Pompeo has denied recollection about the gift. The name of the brand and also make of the whisky is not known.


Japanese whisky

Japanese whisky has started to gain fame worldwide since last decade. It is much sought after by European and American rich class due to the mysticism associated with Japanese culture.


Rules on accepting gifts

  • Gifts of value from a foreign government cannot be accepted by an on duty or off duty official of national level, state, local or municipal unless congress authorizes.

  • Government representatives, multinational organizations, gifts of honoria, gifts from universities are also barred. Family members of officials are also barred from accepting gifts from foreign government.

  • Gifts of $415 or less in value, scholarships, food, cost of travel, cost of lodging, medical treatment etc can be availed.

  • The gift may be accepted by the Department if the gift exceeds the minimal value or refusal of a gift causes embarrassment either to the US or the foreign government.