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Current Affairs

UN role in Russia-Ukraine crisis

Date: 15 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


The US ambassador to UN has postponed a planned visit to Liberia in order to focus on the tensions taking place near Ukraine border.



The tensions from Ukraine crisis is expected to spill-over to UN. There are chances that Russia could invade Ukraine anytime.



  • US had recently requested UN Security Council for a discussion on the Ukraine issue, which was opposed by Russia and its allies.

  • The UN will not conduct any action even if Russia invades Ukraine as any action needs consensus support and Russia could veto any bid for a resolution.

  • Being a permanent member of UN Security Council along with US, UK, France and China, Russia can veto any actions by UNSC.

  • The UNSC is responsible for maintaining international peace and security. Russia currently holds the residency for the month of February.


The Crimea issue

  • The actions following Russian invasion will be similar to the one that took place after the Crimean annexation by Russia.

  • A resolution backed by US asked countries not to recognize Crimea and oppose referendum. Russia had vetoed it and China abstained from voting.

  • The UN General Assembly also adopted a resolution declaring the referendum invalid. Unlike UNSC, General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding.


Western diplomacy

Western diplomats are currently shoring up diplomatic support among UN members by accusing Russia of undermining the UN Charter.


Russian role as President

  • The UNSC President has powers to schedule meetings. Russia could delay another discussion on actions by it.

  • A meeting is schedule on February 17 to discuss Minsk agreements, which had tried to end a separatist war by Russian speakers in eastern Ukraine.