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Current Affairs

UN Peacekeeping mission

Date: 01 June 2022 Tags: International Organizations


The role of UN peacekeepers from India and other countries in thwarting attack by militants in Congo was lauded by UN officials.



The attack was carried out by Mouvement du 23 mars (M23) armed group, which is active in Eastern DR Congo.



  • UN peacekeeping is an effort by Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operational Support, which aims to assist host countries to transition from situations of conflict to peace.

  • Peacekeeping efforts were first started by UN in 1948 when it deployed military observers to West Asia. 

  • UN peacekeepers are mandated to provide security as well as political and peacebuilding support to conflict-ridden countries.


Peace keeping in UN

  • Members of UN peacekeeping forces are known as ‘Blue Helmets’. They are members of national armies of respective countries but serve under UN command temporarily.

  • The highest contributors to peacekeeping missions are Asian and African countries. Western countries’ contribution is miniscule.


Functions of UN peacekeepers

  • Protecting civilians and other U.N. personnel

  • Monitoring disputed borders

  • Observing peace processes

  • Providing security in conflict zones

  • Providing security during elections

  • Assisting with training and support

  • Help in implementing the peace agreements


India’s role in UN peacekeeping

  • India is the third largest troop contributor to UN peacekeeping missions across the world.

  • India is the second-highest military (1,888) and fifth-highest (139) police-contributing country in DR Congo.

  • India has served in 49 U.N. Peacekeeping missions since 1948. India for the first time deployed all-women contingent for UN peacekeeping mission in 2007.