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Current Affairs

Ukraine’s intention to join NATO

Date: 02 March 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Russian President Vladimir Putin announced invasion of Ukraine in response to growing proximity between Kyiv and NATO.



Ukraine was part of erstwhile USSR and it was always considered a buffer state between Russia and the West.



Putin had initially said that Russia will stand-down if NATO prohibits Ukraine from joining the alliance. NATO rejected the demand.



  • NATO is a military alliance consisting of USA, UK, France, Canada and eight other European countries, set up in 1949.

  • At present, 30 countries are part of the alliance. The most recent addition to the grouping is North Macedonia.

  • The capital of the organization is located in Brussels. The alliance is financially supported and influenced by US.



The main intention of forming NATO was collective defence. An attack on one or more members is considered an attack on all members.


Reasons for Ukraine to join NATO

  • NATO has served as a bulwark against Russian expansion towards Western Europe. It would be in interests of Ukraine.

  • Ukraine’s international military backing would be boosted if it receives support from major military powers of NATO.

  • Joining NATO and later European Union could be the next possible step for Ukraine to increase its proximity to US and collective West.


Status of Ukrainian membership

  • Any European country can join NATO but other members should approve it. Functioning democracy and unresolved external territorial disputes are some factors that are considered.

  • Ukraine applied for a Membership Action Plan in 2008. It adopted a constitutional amendment that committed itself to NATO membership in 2017.