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Current Affairs

UK’s asylum law

Date: 19 April 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


A deal has been signed between United Kingdom and Rwanda to send some potential asylum seekers to the African country.



Rwanda is an eastern African country and is considered one of the poorest in the world.



The UK government claims that thousands of lives will be saved from human traffickers due to the move. The targets are single men arriving on boats.


The plan

Asylum seekers arriving on boats and trucks will be flown 6,400 kilometers to Rwanda. They will be assessed for eventual resettlement in the African nation.

The Rwandan government has been paid £120 million for housing and integrating the migrants as part of the pilot scheme.

People relocated to Rwanda will be given the support including up to five years of training, integration, accommodation, health care.


Objective of scheme

The major objective of the system is to improve UK’s asylum system and ensure that human traffickers stop exploiting people for their own profits.

The project would disrupt the business model of traffickers and instead open newer, safer and legal routes to enter UK.

It basically focuses on ways to reduce number of illegal migrants trying to enter UK by crossing the dangerous channel and endangering their lives.


Cost of project

The UK government is expected to pay £20,000-30,000 for each migrant who is sent to Rwanda. The government has allocated £120 million for next five years.


Human trafficking in UK

Illegal migrants have been entering UK by hiding in trucks and ferries. Some of them are brought on small inflatable boats from launching points in northern France.

A number of migrants have died trying to cross the Channel. The Royal Navy has been pressed into action to ensure no boat enters UK without detection.



Human Rights activists consider the move as inhumane and expensive exercise. There are also concerns raised about human rights aspects.


Similar schemes in other countries

Australia, Denmark and Israel have been using third countries to deport asylum seekers arriving illegally.

Australia has been sending illegal migrants to detention centers located in places like Nauru and Papua New Guinea.

Israel has introduced a scheme of either being deported to country of origin or $3,500 and a plane ticket to one of the third countries.