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Current Affairs

Turkey pulls out of Istanbul Convention on violence against women

Date: 06 July 2021 Tags: Miscellaneous


Turkey has pulled out from the Istanbul convention on Violence Against Women, inviting criticism from across the globe.



President Erdogan had repealed the treaty that the country had signed during approval. This development is shocking considering high rates of violence against women in the country.



  • The Istanbul Convention is a human rights treaty that was established by Council of Europe to protect women against violence.

  • The treaty also had aims to persecute individuals for their crimes against women, ensure gender equality, and rehabilitate victims of violence.

  • More than 30 countries from Europe have signed the treaty, which opened for ratification from 2011. Turkey was the first country to ratify the treaty through a domestic law.

  • The government has said that it remains committed for protection of women but cannot allow the law to be misused by certain sections.


Reasons for withdrawal

  • There have been no reasons stated but it is assumed that the treaty challenges traditionalist belief such as marriages and customs, divorces structure etc.

  • Other reasons include promotion of homosexuality in the society, which is against the Turkish family customs. These have been termed as regressive.


Domestic violence in Turkey

  • Turkey ranks a lowly 133 out of 156 countries according to the Global Gender Gap Report. Honour killings against women are quite high.

  • More than 38 percent of women have experienced domestic violence from their partners. There are no evidences of infanticide data.


Way ahead

Women organizations say that violence rate against women is already high. Removing the basic protection under the law will further aggravate the issue.