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Current Affairs

Truckers’ protests in Canada

Date: 04 February 2022 Tags: Miscellaneous


Protest by truckers against a law to tax unvaccinated truckers has intensified in the country, forcing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to go into hiding.



The western province of Alberta and capital Ottawa have become the centres of the campaign.



  • The protests started as a peaceful demonstration against rules for unvaccinated or partially vaccinated cross-border truck drivers.

  • The recent mega demonstration in Ottawa turned violent as protestors defaced monuments and damaged public property.

  • The protests have resulted in many perishable goods getting stuck at the borders, resulting in supply chains disruptions and loss of revenue.


Start of issue

  • To travel across the border, cross-border essential workers, including truck drivers, will be required to produce proof of vaccination.

  • Canadian truck drivers entering the country from US will have to undergo Covid-19 tests and two weeks of self-quarantine.

  • Most of the truckers were vaccinated and complying with the order but a section of anti-mask, anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine groups protested the move.



A  GoFundMe page was set up before the rules came into existence and funds worth CAD $9.9 million was collected to protest against Federal government.


 The Ottawa rally

  • A large number of truckers gathered in Ottawa to protest against the mandate. Initially it was peaceful but soon turned violent.

  • Protestors were seen urinating on National War Memorial, flying Nazi flags, damaging public properties and using derogatory slogans against the Prime Minister.

  • The fast escalation of the situation resulted in evacuation of Prime Minister and his family from the capital to a secure location.


Other protests

  • The truckers have blocked the Alberta freeway, a major route to connect Canada and western US state of Montana.

  • The protestors have breached police barriers and clashed with officials. Common citizens faced inconvenience due to the move.



  • Prime Minister Trudeau has refused to meet the protestors or roll back the vaccine mandate that started the protests.

  • The objectionable conduct of the protestors has been strictly criticized by all lawmakers and leaders. However some say that Prime Minister should engage with protestors.